A Birthday Adventure

My best friend (husband) turns 29 today! We celebrated all day yesterday because LPS was on Fall Break so Philip had the day off! I won't sap up this post too much, but just know that Philip is a kind, fun, wonderful, gracious, and overall amazing man. Brooks and I are so stinkin' lucky! Anyways,... Continue Reading →


Goodbye Summer

Philip started back to school this past week and we miss him like crazy. I am so thankful for his school schedule job and that he has summers off to enjoy family time. Our summer consisted of lazy days and relaxing nights! Brooks and Daddy sharing an ice cream sandwich. Bath time is Brooks' favorite... Continue Reading →

How We Met

We met May 22, 2010. I remember the day because it's my daddy's birthday. It was the first day in our home for the summer at Camp Fontanelle (by Fremont, NE). Philip and I were both counselors, ready for training week. I remember Philip walking in, but I wasn't hit instantly with the love bug... Continue Reading →

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