How We Met

We met May 22, 2010. I remember the day because it’s my daddy’s birthday. It was the first day in our home for the summer at Camp Fontanelle (by Fremont, NE). Philip and I were both counselors, ready for training week. I remember Philip walking in, but I wasn’t hit instantly with the love bug and neither was he.

When we were learning how to lead challenge course activities a few days after our initial meeting, Philip started whispering to the group how we should go about a certain activity. Philip never talked much (initially) and I really do think that was the first time I heard him say more than 5 words in a row. It’s so weird to remember how quiet he was in the beginning.

Later that night (well, I think it was that night…all of training week blurred together), Philip and a few of the other counselors and I went down to Inspiration Point for stargazing. Philip & I started talking and I knew that I wanted to get to know him better.

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