A Birthday Adventure

My best friend (husband) turns 29 today! We celebrated all day yesterday because LPS was on Fall Break so Philip had the day off! I won’t sap up this post too much, but just know that Philip is a kind, fun, wonderful, gracious, and overall amazing man. Brooks and I are so stinkin’ lucky!

Anyways, yesterday we went for a sunrise walk on the Lincoln trails. We started at about 98th & A and went meandering east on the trail that is surrounded by farmland, trees, and animals. It was so gorgeous and truly peaceful to be amongst nature for a while. Here’s way too many pictures of our fun time! ❤

Comment below about your favorite place to walk/hike!

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I love his little hoodie!


How do I get my hand in my pocket?


He’s trying to to get his hood off
Adjusting the hood


I love this face!
Checking out his shadow..


Best buddies!


You should hear the giggles from this moment!

Goodbye Summer

Philip started back to school this past week and we miss him like crazy. I am so thankful for his school schedule job and that he has summers off to enjoy family time.

Our summer consisted of lazy days and relaxing nights!

Brooks and Daddy sharing an ice cream sandwich.

Bath time is Brooks’ favorite time of the day!

Hurts Donuts!

Horn-T Zoo

Reading books

And silly faces!

Here’s what this week looks like:

Just sitting by the window waiting for dad to come home from work.


I have to share the sweetest toy that Brooks owns. Here’s his raccoon, handcrafted by Philip’s cousin Anna, the sewing genius behind needleANNAthread!

Isn’t it just the cutest? Anna just started handcrafting these adorable animals recently for so many sweet kiddos in our family!

Isn’t she so talented? Anna is new to her craft, so check out her Instagram (@needleANNAthread) and let her know if you would like your own handcrafted stuffed animal!

Dear Brooks

Here’s the story of the day you were born:

On your due date (June 4), I started feeling signs that you might be on your way! So daddy drove us to the hospital. When mama was in labor, the sky got very dark it started to rain. Soon, a thunderstorm started and there was lightning flashing all over the sky.

After a lot of hard work, I knew you were coming quick and nurse Sara call Dr. Cada to tell her to hurry and get to the hospital.

Finally, the doctor arrived at the hospital. And then mama had the hardest work at all in front of her. Sweet boy, it was all worth it because just a few minutes later, at 12:12 am, you were born! Brooks Allen Rohde,you gave off the loudest scream in the world. The nurse put you on my chest and I fell in love. You were and are the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.

After you and I snuggled for a while, the nurses weighed you, measured you and made sure you were healthy. They gave you an Apgar score of 8/9/9, which is amazing! You are one very healthy newborn! You weighed 8 lbs. 5 oz. and 21 1/2 inches long.


Photo credit for last three: Baby Bella Photography (all others taken by me or Philip)