Our New Year’s Resolutions | 2014

This year I am going to be intentional about living each day to its fullest. I will gain wisdom, peace, faith, fitness, and thus, happiness this year. I will exude joy, love, and patience.

Also, this year my focus word is SIMPLIFY & I’m excited to see how it manifests in my life. My mind is always going in a thousand directions and I want to simplify to one focus, that being Jesus Christ. I’m hoping I can simplify our home and simplify my spending so that we can save & give more. I want to simplify our diets to less processed and more homemade.  Last year my focus word was TRUST and I had a year of trusting God and my husband through not getting accepted to medical schools, transitioning from being engaged to being married, moving across state lines, and many other things that turned 2013 into a roller coaster.


  1. memorize 12 Bible verses + finish reading the Bible
  2. read 12 books
  3. go on 2 vacations
  4. cross 4 things off my Bucket List
  5. cook / bake 24 new foods
  6. go back to school  or start a job I love
  7. be more fit / healthy
  8. stop biting my fingernails
  9. complete 6 projects
  10. save + give more


  1. “I don’t have any.”
  2. “I resolve to just continue to be me.”

…I guess Philip’s already pretty perfect…he doesn’t need a resolution! 😉

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