A Snowy Easter

A sweet friend reminded me of this verse last night: “Though your sins are as scarlet, They will be as white as snow. Isaiah 1:18”. Because of Easter, we have been washed white as snow.

What a sweet way to rejoice on Easter – with an Easter egg hunt in the snow!


Overwhelmed with Joy

Lately, I’ve been overwhelmed with joy that I get to be a part of these two beautiful boys lives. That I’m the one who sees them smile and makes them laugh and get endless snuggles. I get to be followed everywhere I go by Brooks and reached for by Jude.

That won’t always be the case; someday most of their smiles will go to someone else and I’ll be the one reaching for them. I sometimes (aka last week) get stuck in the frustration of “why are you so obsessed with me?” and “if I step on one more toy…” and “will my house ever stay clean?”

But I’ve found that I can change my mindset by simply looking for the positive. I can be a kinder, more gentle mama by looking for the kind and gentle way. And that’s the type of mama I want to be: positive, kind, and gentle.

Side note: If it seems like all I post about is this, that would be true. It’s because I’ve been learning and re-learning it. One day, I hope I have it mastered. To be able to see my negative mindset so quickly that it doesn’t last even an hour. But until that day, I’ll just switch my mindset to positive when I do notice, be it a week or a month or more.

Halfway to Baby #2

This pregnancy has been a lot harder and more emotional than with Brooks. My pregnancy with Brooks was so easy, so when nausea hit at 4-5 weeks, I was  surprised! 

But this little baby is worth every face to face with the toilet bowl, every ache and pain, every moment that insomnia hits, he or she is worth it! 

[Brooks is excited to be a big “brudder”!]

[20 weeks]

Contemplating My Humanity

Up until the last few years, I never celebrated Ash Wednesday or thought much about it. This year, I am doing the She Reads Truth lent study and this devotional from Tuesday got me thinking.  Particularly about my humanity.

Being human is hard. It’s messy. We have a desire for peace, security, and love but the world around us just doesn’t meet that desire. Our world is broken.

I am broken. I have physical limits. I cannot go without food, water, sleep, conversation, etc. for very long. I begin to feel the effects of my humanity. When exhaustion hits, I just cannot deal with a toddler tantrum. Even the marketing crew at Snickers knows, you’re not you when you’re hungry.

Beyond that, I have a bent towards pride, anger, selfishness, fear, and anxiety. Like I said, being human is messy. I long to be humble, slow to anger, selfless, courageous, and content. I see my brokenness and I want to be healed. 

Ash Wednesday is only the beginning of Lent. At the end of the Lenten season, we have Easter! The celebration of God who, to the praise of the glory of His grace, made a way to overcome our limitations, made a way to perfect us. 

We get to celebrate and dance and praise the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. When Jesus overcame death and humanity, He overcame death and humanity for all those who believe.

We get to celebrate and dance and praise the in-dwelling of the Holy Spirit. Every believer has the Holy Spirit refining and perfecting them from the inside out. 

Photo from SheReadsTruth.com