Raking Up The Leaves

Today was rake up leaves day. So I caught it on camera. Because my boys are adorable...


Jude Solomon | Birth Story

Preface: this has a lot of details that I never want to forget. I won't feel bad if you skim it or just look at the pictures.  When I was 19 weeks along with Jude, we found out that I had placenta previa. My grad school self went into research mode and I found a... Continue Reading →

A Lumberjack Halloween 

Philip and I are really trying to be thrifty lately, so when October came around I decided to challenge myself to a no-cost Halloween costume for our entire family! I'm a plaid lover, so when I saw ideas for a lumberjack costume, I knew I had hit the jackpot. We each already have a flannel... Continue Reading →

A Birthday Adventure

My best friend (husband) turns 29 today! We celebrated all day yesterday because LPS was on Fall Break so Philip had the day off! I won't sap up this post too much, but just know that Philip is a kind, fun, wonderful, gracious, and overall amazing man. Brooks and I are so stinkin' lucky! Anyways,... Continue Reading →

Goodbye Summer

Philip started back to school this past week and we miss him like crazy. I am so thankful for his school schedule job and that he has summers off to enjoy family time. Our summer consisted of lazy days and relaxing nights! Brooks and Daddy sharing an ice cream sandwich. Bath time is Brooks' favorite... Continue Reading →

Dear Brooks

Here's the story of the day you were born: On your due date (June 4), I started feeling signs that you might be on your way! So daddy drove us to the hospital. When mama was in labor, the sky got very dark it started to rain. Soon, a thunderstorm started and there was lightning... Continue Reading →

2013 | A Year In Review

This Year's Highlights 1. Bringing in the New Year with the Rohde family at a cabin in Platte River State Park 2. Making homemade heart-shaped pizza for Valentine's Day 3. Braving the cold to celebrate Easter in a tent at Fort Kearny 4. Philip's job offer from Pueblo County School District 70 5. Graduating from Wayne... Continue Reading →

wishing you Love & Light in the New Year with love, The Newlywed(ish) Rohde's photocredit: Mae.Small Photography

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