A Lumberjack Halloween 

Philip and I are really trying to be thrifty lately, so when October came around I decided to challenge myself to a no-cost Halloween costume for our entire family! I’m a plaid lover, so when I saw ideas for a lumberjack costume, I knew I had hit the jackpot.

We each already have a flannel and jeans so we just needed some suspenders and beards. Philip already had a pair of suspenders from a wedding he was in (thank you K+A!) and my mother-in-law had some extras lying around! Luckily we could make an adult size super duper small to fit Brooks.

I saw some ideas on Pinterest for making a beard for Brooks & I but figured he would just rip it off before I even got a picture! And I decided against wearing a beard to be a lumberjill instead! 😂

Brooks hat was a gift and I DIY’d his axe out of a paper towel roll, tinfoil and a piece of cardboard.

And there you have it. A thrifty, last minute costume for us Rohde’s. Don’t mind the pink socks! I didn’t realize my mom was going to make me be in the picture! I changed into boots! 🙈

We all got dressed to go to Boo at the Zoo! Both sets of grandparents came so we had the perfect ratio of six adults to one kiddo! ❤️

What did you dress up as for Halloween? Let me know in the comments!



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