A Lumberjack Halloween 

Philip and I are really trying to be thrifty lately, so when October came around I decided to challenge myself to a no-cost Halloween costume for our entire family! I’m a plaid lover, so when I saw ideas for a lumberjack costume, I knew I had hit the jackpot.

We each already have a flannel and jeans so we just needed some suspenders and beards. Philip already had a pair of suspenders from a wedding he was in (thank you K+A!) and my mother-in-law had some extras lying around! Luckily we could make an adult size super duper small to fit Brooks.

I saw some ideas on Pinterest for making a beard for Brooks & I but figured he would just rip it off before I even got a picture! And I decided against wearing a beard to be a lumberjill instead! 😂

Brooks hat was a gift and I DIY’d his axe out of a paper towel roll, tinfoil and a piece of cardboard.

And there you have it. A thrifty, last minute costume for us Rohde’s. Don’t mind the pink socks! I didn’t realize my mom was going to make me be in the picture! I changed into boots! 🙈

We all got dressed to go to Boo at the Zoo! Both sets of grandparents came so we had the perfect ratio of six adults to one kiddo! ❤️

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Sometimes I get caught up in a romanticized view of yesterday and of tomorrow. I forget that only today, only right now, are truly mine. I can’t do anything to change the past. Can’t do anything to predict the future. I only have this action. This minute.

I often daydream about the sweet memories of Brooks as a newborn. His tiny cry, his instant comfort in my arms. I often drool over our future, when Brooks has siblings and they are having sword fights in the back yard. I forget that being the only one who could comfort Brooks was so exhausting in the moment. I don’t think about how I might be so exasperated at a house full of littles. Looking back, I remember the sweetness. Looking forward, I envision the sweetness. What if, this minute, I just soak in the sweetness of each of Brooks’ firsts instead of feeling the exhaustion of a toddler? What if, in this moment that I am in, I choose to cherish the sweetness. I choose joy.


Here’s where I’m seeing joy today:

  1. This playlist is the perfect ‘chill’ for these autumn days.
  2. The noise this angry frog makes.
  3. Reminders that you are here. That you are alive. I read this post on dying (I know, not super joyful, but stick with me..we have to fight for joy), and I was covered in goosebumps realizing the intensity, reality, and awe of death.
    The article reminded me that I am still here, I am still alive, and that death will come. I need to truly live each day building the legacy I want to live. Because my legacy may be built on a life of only last 25 years, a few months, and a few days…and I can’t even guess about the length of your life. How do you want to be remembered? What will your legacy be? And how can what you do in the next week, next day, next moment build that legacy?
  4. The awesome partnership between a high school cross country team and an animal shelter. Taking the doggies out for a good run, creating some furry friendships, and helping some pups find a forever home. I love it.
  5. Wednesday night meals at church. Not cooking and still eating delicious homemade meals is the best!
  6. Instead of making a to-do list, sometimes I make a did-it list. I write down everything I do that day and revel in my productivity. I may not have been able to get that one thing on my to-do list done, but I did this whole list of things. I made nourishing meals for my family, I unloaded the dishwasher, I read a few uplifting words, I said I love you. I actually did a lot. And that makes me smile. It’s all about reframing.

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A Birthday Adventure

My best friend (husband) turns 29 today! We celebrated all day yesterday because LPS was on Fall Break so Philip had the day off! I won’t sap up this post too much, but just know that Philip is a kind, fun, wonderful, gracious, and overall amazing man. Brooks and I are so stinkin’ lucky!

Anyways, yesterday we went for a sunrise walk on the Lincoln trails. We started at about 98th & A and went meandering east on the trail that is surrounded by farmland, trees, and animals. It was so gorgeous and truly peaceful to be amongst nature for a while. Here’s way too many pictures of our fun time! ❤

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I love his little hoodie!


How do I get my hand in my pocket?


He’s trying to to get his hood off
Adjusting the hood


I love this face!
Checking out his shadow..


Best buddies!


You should hear the giggles from this moment!