Hi. Here’s my joy lately.
1. The breeze at the cabin on Labor Day. We woke up Labor Day morning to breakfast burritos at my parents’ house and then went to the cabin with all of Philip’s family. The only way it would’ve been better would have been having Chad there in person instead of just talking to him over speaker phone.
2. This “proof” that drowning is caused by Nicholas Cage acting. 😉 Okay, not really…but I’m just such a nerd and seeing how just about any two silly things can be correlated with enough math reminds me to take everything with a grain of salt.
3. This post on The Art of Tuning Out that got me thinking. The article is about traveling somewhere and “tuning in to tune out” in a new place, but I think the key to life is finding a way to tune in to the beauty of daily life in order to tune out the burdens of daily life. It’s just as important to breathe in and appreciate the smell of your coffee and the beauty of the flowers in the ditch as it is to labor over your daily tasks. Doing small things that bring you joy can keep you in an attitude of joy even when you are doing something that doesn’t necessary bring you joy.
4. Kate, who I know through camp, introduced me to Hannah Brencher…and this article is too good not to read. It’s about going through a rough season, resisting change, and well…I’ll let you read the article. See you on the other side of diapause, butterfly.
5. I made muffins a while back, you can see the picture on my Instagram. I accidentally put twice the butter that the recipe called for. No complaints – they were buttery and delicious. Call me Paula Deen.
6. This 9-second video made me grin. I hope it makes you grin too.
7. The Story Corps videos. Honestly, they’re all great. But I just watched this one about a woman forgiving the man who shot and killed her son, and not only forgiving him but cultivating a relationship, a friendship, a bond with him. It’s remarkable. Some other beautiful ones are Danny & Annie (Warning: tear jerker. “She lights up my life…”) and Clean Streets (“I could’ve done another 31 years..”). I just love the extraordinary stories that come from within each and every person.
What’s your joy? Comment below or email me.
photo: Zac Suhar

Annie Rohde

Love God. Love people.
P.S. This series was born out of my desire to fight for joy. See the first one here.