Hello friends,

I’m going to start a collection of things I find interesting, amazing, convicting, or inspiring every once in a while to challenge myself to fight for joy. This idea was inspired by Ann Voskamp‘s Multivitamins and Bleubird‘s Ten Things.
1. Sometimes we have to fight for joy. And this truth is why I am starting this collection of joy nuggets. I’m choosing to intentionally look for joy rather than waiting for joy to happen upon me. I’m choosing joy even when I don’t feel like it (or at least I’m trying). 😉
2. This TED Talk that had me mesmerized.

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Goodbye Summer

Philip started back to school this past week and we miss him like crazy. I am so thankful for his school schedule job and that he has summers off to enjoy family time.

Our summer consisted of lazy days and relaxing nights!

Brooks and Daddy sharing an ice cream sandwich.

Bath time is Brooks’ favorite time of the day!

Hurts Donuts!

Horn-T Zoo

Reading books

And silly faces!

Here’s what this week looks like:

Just sitting by the window waiting for dad to come home from work.