Lessons from my son: Wonder

Yesterday, Brooks experienced the Henry Doorly Zoo for the first time.  And boy oh boy was it an experience!

We’ve been to the Lincoln Children’s Zoo, but Henry Doorly is the big guns. Top rated across the world!

The lions, giraffes, monkeys, birds, and elephants were so awesome. And he couldn’t get enough of the aquarium, and especially the fish and sharks swimming over his head!

His bright little eyes couldn’t take it all in! To see the wonder in his eyes with each new experience is just incredible. He awes at the beauty of God’s creation. He delights in his family, friends, or even a stranger with wild waving and “hi” and smiles. He is diligent to accomplish new things. Walking, running, feeding himself, always practicing something.

And I adore it. And I long for some of his wonder in my own life. I want to awe at the beauty in the every day. I want to delight over each person who God puts in my path. I want to practice patience, trust, humility, wonder, joy. I long to cultivate what my son has naturally. I vow to take my son’s lead and live in wonder.

❤ Annie

What lessons have the kids in your life been teaching you?

P.S. Chad came along too but successfully avoided all pictures! 😉


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