43 Things I’m Thankful For

  1. Christmas music on Spotify
  2. The wind that blows the last leaf off the tree
  3. Exit 353
  4. A bearded husband who does the laundry
  5. The support and ability to breastfeed Brooks
  6. Grace
  7. Fuzzy blankets
  8. My parents who can’t get enough of their grandson
  9. Lincoln Berean Church and its many beautiful members
  10. And the church’s leadership
  11. Long holiday breaks and a husband with a teacher’s schedule
  12. Ice cream in the freezer
  13. Tuesday mornings & Wednesday nights
  14. Hugs
  15. Online Black Friday shopping
  16. Snapchat
  17. Philip’s Gramps and Grammy
  18. Saturdays
  19. The Bible
  20. A dog sleeping in the bright spot by the window
  21. Prayer
  22. Mommy blogs that don’t hide the imperfections
  23. Harry Potter
  24. Rich & Cindy who are great parents, in-laws, and grandparents
  25. Making veggie trays and salads at work
  26. An inquisitive nearly-six-month-old with beautiful blue eyes
  27. The wonderful friendships I have
  28. Audiobooks
  29. Brooks’ uncles who adore him
  30. When Philip makes cinnamon rolls
  31. Netflix
  32. Jesus Christ who died to give me life
  33. Philip’s job at LPS
  34. The sweetest sisters (sorority and in-law) who love me and my baby
  35. My iPhone
  36. This year at home with Brooks while I finish my masters
  37. Camp Fontanelle
  38. Our year in Colorado
  39. My mommy friends who give the best encouragement
  40. Extended family
  41. Annual winter trip to a cozy cabin
  42. Watching Brooks taste foods
  43. Biscuits and gravy

What are you thankful for?


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