DISH | January

See what we’ve been eating:

First up, Asian Grilled Chicken from Skinnytaste. It’s deliciously simple & we ate it with rice.

Asian Grilled Chicken

One chilly day we had Bacon Cheeseburger Soup cooking in the crock pot! It was so delicious, filling, and downright awful for you. The best!!

Crockpot Bacon Cheeseburger Soup

Philip and I also made deliciously fattening MOINK balls! They are BBQ meatballs wrapped in bacon & are definitely one of our favorites! You could serve them with salad to balance out the meal or with sweet potato tots like we did! We loved dipping them in spicy ranch dressing. Oh, and as apartment dwellers we have this grill pan instead of the real thing – it works spectacularly & we suggest everyone have one!

MOINK balls

We DO eat healthy sometimes though! This Greek chicken is delicious with green salad & grapes!

Greek Chicken

Hint: Click through each picture for the recipe! And here’s my Pinterest board of our favorite recipes!


Our New Year’s Resolutions | 2014

This year I am going to be intentional about living each day to its fullest. I will gain wisdom, peace, faith, fitness, and thus, happiness this year. I will exude joy, love, and patience.

Also, this year my focus word is SIMPLIFY & I’m excited to see how it manifests in my life. My mind is always going in a thousand directions and I want to simplify to one focus, that being Jesus Christ. I’m hoping I can simplify our home and simplify my spending so that we can save & give more. I want to simplify our diets to less processed and more homemade.  Last year my focus word was TRUST and I had a year of trusting God and my husband through not getting accepted to medical schools, transitioning from being engaged to being married, moving across state lines, and many other things that turned 2013 into a roller coaster.


  1. memorize 12 Bible verses + finish reading the Bible
  2. read 12 books
  3. go on 2 vacations
  4. cross 4 things off my Bucket List
  5. cook / bake 24 new foods
  6. go back to school  or start a job I love
  7. be more fit / healthy
  8. stop biting my fingernails
  9. complete 6 projects
  10. save + give more


  1. “I don’t have any.”
  2. “I resolve to just continue to be me.”

…I guess Philip’s already pretty perfect…he doesn’t need a resolution! 😉

Check out our Year in Review & our Christmas Card.

2013 | A Year In Review

This Year’s Highlights

1. Bringing in the New Year with the Rohde family at a cabin in Platte River State Park
2. Making homemade heart-shaped pizza for Valentine’s Day
3. Braving the cold to celebrate Easter in a tent at Fort Kearny
4. Philip’s job offer from Pueblo County School District 70
5. Graduating from Wayne State College on a wintry cold day
6. Watching Virginia marry Nate & become a Huckabee as her bridesmaid
7. Marrying the Love of My Life in a beautiful outdoor ceremony
8. Spending a week in the Bahamas on a honeymoon cruise
9. Moving to Colorado caravan style with my parents
10. Celebrating my 1st birthday as a Rohde
11. Driving 13 hours to see Kayla & Rich tie the knot
12. Finding out that Aaron & Kirsten got engaged via FaceTime
13. Exploring Garden of the Gods
14. Hiking in the mountains near San Isabel Lake
15. Road tripping through Canon City, Buena Vista, Salida, and Rye for Philip’s birthday
16. Hosting some of the Rohde’s at our Pueblo apartment for a fun-filled long weekend
17. Celebrating Thanksgiving at Spring Creek Prairie
18. Meeting Ronan Jacob Powers for the first time
19. Trimming a Christmas tree with my husband
20. Celebrating 3 Christmases & going to UrgentCare on Christmas Eve for some bug
21. Driving to Ponca State Park & playing a bunch of laugh out loud games with the Rohde’s to bring in 2014

Things Annie crossed off her Bucket List
13. Latin dance with a man who can be described as “suave”
53. send a message in a bottle
60. see the largest “something”
65. go on a cruise
69. marry “The One”
71. graduate from college
81. be a bridesmaid
82. stay in a sketchy hotel room

Places We Traveled
1. Cherokee, Iowa
2. Rye, Colorado
3. Salida, Colorado
4. Colorado Springs, CO
5. Pueblo, Colorado
6. Nassau, Bahamas
7. Miami, Florida
8. Great Stirrup Cay, Bahamas
9. Freeport, Grand Bahama Island
10. Mahoney State Park
11. Ponca State Park
12. Spring Creek Prairie