The Proposal

Philip and I were back at Camp Fontanelle for the annual barbeque. I knew the proposal was coming soon, but didn’t expect to be that day. Philip told me that he “wrote down all the days he could ask me and then crossed out the ones I would expect.” I would have expected that he would ask me where we had first met, so I (thought I) knew he wouldn’t ask me then. Leave it to a psychologist to trick me like that!

We decided to go on a hike later in the day, and Philip told me he was going to go get his jacket. I should have been tipped off immediately – Philip is always too warm and would never need a jacket on such a nice day!

We took off on our hike through the muddy trails, and at one point I actually said, “Good thing you aren’t proposing to me today or you would get your knee all dirty.” Little did I know that in about a half an hour, I would be Philip’s fiance! (And…he surprisingly didn’t dirty his knee!)

We got to the amphitheater (one of our favorite places at camp), and I was sitting on one bench, reminding Phil how we stealthily held hands there once when we were around campers. Philip said “I cannot wait to have you as my wife.” And I smiled and said “it will be so great!” Then, he was down on one knee and said his piece. I responded, “is this really happening?!” and he had to ask me again (I’m sure that was nerve-wracking). But obviously I said yes, how could I resist that lovable man?!! We were both smiling from ear to ear the rest of the day.



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