How We Met

We met May 22, 2010. I remember the day because it’s my daddy’s birthday. It was the first day in our home for the summer at Camp Fontanelle (by Fremont, NE). Philip and I were both counselors, ready for training week. I remember Philip walking in, but I wasn’t hit instantly with the love bug and neither was he.

When we were learning how to lead challenge course activities a few days after our initial meeting, Philip started whispering to the group how we should go about a certain activity. Philip never talked much (initially) and I really do think that was the first time I heard him say more than 5 words in a row. It’s so weird to remember how quiet he was in the beginning.

Later that night (well, I think it was that night…all of training week blurred together), Philip and a few of the other counselors and I went down to Inspiration Point for stargazing. Philip & I started talking and I knew that I wanted to get to know him better.

Through the first few weeks at camp, we stayed up late telling all the mundane stories of our lives up til that point. I learned of Philip’s stories about a platypus and he learned about my spelling bee championships. We talked about the books we’d read, we taught the other the floor plans of our homes and drew the routes we took to get to school.  Our love & commitment has continued growing steadily since our beginning days at Fontanelle.


from our trip to a camp board member’s lakehouse! …the night we first held hands. (swoon…)


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